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Hi, I'm Megan


I want to be real with you my friend.

You are most likely reading this because you feel the pull. 

  • The pull to create something of your own. 
  • The pull to make an impact while making an income. 
  • The pull for more freedom: financial, time, location, and creative

…The pull to start a business.

And maybe you’re already thinking about the many things you will need to get started. After all there is a LOT of noise in the online space on what it takes to be successful. But from one creative to another—I want to simplify this for you.

Because the truth of the matter is that it’s possible to start a business with this ONE skill…and it’s actually something that you can tap into right here, right now, today.

It’s the ability to be resourceful.

Chances are you have more than you need right at your disposal that can help you launch your dream business without having to spend an arm and a leg to get started. I am a firm believer in using what you have and starting where you are! 

So let’s dig into this together shall we?

The author of "How to start a business with this one skill" - Haley Thomas, founder of The Passion Pursuit
The author – Haley Thomas, founder of The Passion Pursuit

First we want to get clear on the vision at hand: What do you want to create?

Your intention is powerful because it provides your direction. Clarity gives you the map on your road trip in bringing your idea to fruition. To know what we need for the road-trip we have to first understand where we are going (not how—not yet). So use this as permission to dream. If anything were possible, what would you love to create this year? Permission to GO THERE okay? What ideas are coming through? What do you see? Take a moment, grab a piece of paper and brain dumb allll of the goodies out.

Secondly: What skills, experiences, and accolades do you have to support the transformation you want to provide through your product or service?

What do you already have within you that you can use? A lot of the time I’ll work with someone and we discover that the reason why they want to create and sell their product or services is because it is something that helped them to navigate a challenge or overcome an obstacle. A lot of times the person you want to help is actually you from a few years back and your own personal experience and story is a HUGE asset for you to use not only in offer creation but also in the marketing and storytelling sense. So first and foremost why are you passionate about this? Did you have an experience around this? Does your story have something to do with it? First begin to think about your own timeline and the experiences you overcame.

Next I want you to think about your skills and superpowers. What are your strengths? What are the areas that people come to you for advice in? And if you are having a hard time thinking of this on your own, ask 3 people who can give you honest and positive feedback. Chances are you may be too close to see your gifts as gifts. 

Lastly, do you have any certifications, accolades, or awards from previous careers or groups that you led that you can use to support your authority and credibility? For example, I am in the service based field and sell my own services. I recognized that I have been in the service industry for almost 15 years! I have been in sales for the last 9! So even though it wasn’t all within my current business—I recognized that I had A LOT to pull from past jobs and experiences.

Thirdly: What programs can you use?

Let’s say you want to be a speaker. Maybe your dream is to have a talk on the TEDx stage but where and how do you even begin? Let’s break it down into bite sized pieces because guess what? You already have a platform to speak on. Start speaking on your FREE platforms. Go live on instagram. Start a Youtube channel. Use these avenues as an opportunity for practice and exposure. Say you want to write? Same thing—start a blog or even a Facebook page. I’m all about bootstrapping. You do not need the fanciest tech or the most intense looking programs to get yourself out there in the world. Use what you have and start where you are. The same thing goes for websites, email lists, branding, all the fancy course tech–if you aren’t sure what the lowest cost and most efficient option would be, feel free to send me a message and we can get creative together!

Fourth: What is the phase 1 version to get started?

I hear your desire and where you see your vision in the future. AND is it necessarily where your vision needs to start to get out there into the world? For example, I’m behind the scenes creating a new program that will feature some pre recorded material. Now I see this program down the road having very sophisticated visuals, nice professional slides, a library of bonuses, and even its own app—but the thing is that’s a future vision. Is this really ideal for me to start off with? Not really. Cause the fact of the matter is I have the ability to make an impact while still keeping it simple. We forget that the first iteration of a product or service is typically not how it will be forever. Give yourself permission to start somewhere knowing you can always improve and evolve in the future. Progress over perfection.

Lastly, Who do you know that can help you?

If you aren’t sure on the how—then ask who? You may be one connection away from someone who can help you. This doesn’t mean you have to invest in a mentor (although I am a HUGE advocate for mentorship) This can be something as simple as who are your top 5 people who are a few steps ahead of you that can help you in the matter of bringing your vision to life? Do they have a book, freebie, or podcast you can binge? What books can support you? Podcasts? Documentaries? Take this time to soak in being a student! And don’t be afraid to reach out and ask for help.

Now that we have a bit more of how to start a business with this one skill, why don’t we dive into the next steps? I’m allllll about taking action and if you are reading this and you’re like “wow Haley, I actually have a lot that I can work with and I’m ready to dive into getting this thing started already!” Then you’re in luck because I have a FREE as can be 5 day challenge to help you begin to map out the beginning stages of your very own business. 

So without further ado—if you’re ready for the goods and to start a business with this one skill — click HERE and get ready to start your very own passion pursuit. This is your sign to go for it my friend—think about where you could be one year from now if you started today!

Let’s do this thing xx

About the Author:

Haley Thomas is a business strategist, podcast host, and founder of The Passion Pursuit, a company dedicated to empowering multi-passionate creatives to build businesses that align with their deepest passions. Through her podcast and personalized mentorship, she shares insights on creating purpose-driven ventures rooted in joy and holistic well-being. Her mission is to help you do more of what you LOVE!

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