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Learn how to implement out-of-the-box (yet practical) newsletter growth strategies without getting sucked into social media hell.

Let’s talk about newsletters…

You know that email marketing, specifically a newsletter, is your best way to stay connected and nurture connections because you control the medium, right?

One of the main reasons I left social media platforms is that I wanted to have total control over how and where my readers consume my content. Plus, I didn’t want to compete with dancing dog videos or inappropriate ads.

I left FB over five years ago and officially ditched IG last year, and I haven’t looked back.

Initially, I thought I’d move all of my “social” posts to LinkedIn because I prefer the platform, and it’s a trusted business networking site.

Ultimately, though, I have to go where my energy aligns most, which centers more on platforms where I feel like I have a 1:1 connection with folks on my terms, and a newsletter does that.

I launched my newsletter, Boss Creator Bulletin, this past February, and I love it!

If you’re like me and want to reach more people without social media, you want to start a newsletter, but creating one is just the beginning.

You need folks to subscribe. Here are out-of-the-box tips to help you find, engage, and grow your newsletter.

10 Ways to Maximize Newsletter Growth:

Whether a beginner or an experienced newsletter creator, here are 10 quick and unconventional ways (that work for me!) to maximize your email marketing outreach and engagement:

1—Maybe it’s semantics, but I like to think of my subscribers as my “vibe tribe.” So, if the idea of launching a “newsletter” feels daunting, ditch the “newsletter” concept and think of your subscribers as a “community” instead.

2—As you build your newsletter “community,” rethink opt-ins as “subscribers” and consider them your allies.

3—If you’re starting with a small list, invite them to become VIPs and overdeliver value to build trust and long-term relationships.

  • Deliver extra value with exclusive content! For example, give them a behind-the-scenes look at your workflow or offer freebies.

4 — You’re likely subscribed to other newsletters, so engage with other newsletter creators to build strategic partnerships.

5 — Do a freebie swap with a complimentary newsletter.

6—Create footer text and email signature CTAs to encourage people to share your newsletter. Make it easy for new people to sign up.

  • Link to previous or high-performing newsletters to give new readers a taste of your content.

7 — Add subscribe links to your business website navigation.

8 — Ask open-ended questions in your newsletter to encourage engagement.

9—Repurpose your newsletter as a LinkedIn article.

10 — Take advantage of newsletter directories:

You got this!

Growing your newsletter without relying on social media may seem challenging, but finding and engaging readers using a few unconventional strategies can help!

10 Easy Newsletter Growth Tips (No Social Media Needed!) first appeared in the Boss Creator Bulletin. Be the first to get new issues when you subscribe for free [here].

About the author:

Jasmine (Jae) Hermann is an award-winning storyteller with over 20 years of experience as a content editor and strategist. She partners with first-time solopreneurs, mission-focused wellness providers, marketing agencies, and nonprofit managers to help them clarify and perfect their digital marketing. Get Jae’s 3-minute (or less) weekly insights to create content that attracts, connects, and converts for free! Subscribe to Boss Creator Bulletin.

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