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What if I told you you could create LinkedIn content for your business in less than 60 minutes per week?…

If you’re like any of the founders (or aspiring founders!) I know, you wear MANY hats, every single day.

Sales, Marketing, Delivery of Services, Bookkeeping, Onboarding, Crisis Control… the list can go on and on.

I know because 5 years in, it doesn’t necessarily get easier, you just get different and sometimes more interesting problems to solve.

One of my biggest challenges as a new business owner was marketing.

I knew I delivered an amazing service (coaching), my clients got life-changing results once they hired me, and I knew that if I spoke to someone, I could guide them through a discovery process to powerfully invest in themselves.

Finding these right-fit clients was always a challenge though. 

It was a constant treadmill of trying to meet new people, get them to share about my work, month over month.

I tried blogging, Instagram, Facebook groups, and even Google Ads.

It wasn’t until I started creating content on LinkedIn that my lead flow (and impact!) was finally consistent.

That was in 2021 and I haven’t looked back since.

In fact, my LinkedIn journey was SO successful I had to step away from my first business because so many other coaches and entrepreneurs were coming to me for LinkedIn support.

If you’re reading this as a service-based provider (consultant, coach, or agency owner) and are curious if LinkedIn is the right place to market yourself and your services –

I’m going to outline a VERY simple strategy that you can implement in less than 60 minutes a week to create LinkedIn content for your business…and in turn, start creating a powerful presence on the platform (that leads to business!).

Firstly, I’m going to take the pressure off by saying if you’re starting at 0 or have historically been inconsistent with LinkedIn, you don’t need to post every single day. 

The highest traffic days are definitely Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. So save Monday and Friday for adding new connections or responding to DM’s or comments.

Just focus on creating 3 pieces of content each week using this approach.

  1. Value Content 1x per week

I recommend forgetting the phrase “but that’s what people pay me for”. 

LinkedIn is a very growth-minded, learning heavy platform. Users are there to improve their lives, grow their businesses, and up-level their skills.

It’s an online space to showcase your expertise and let someone see “Hey, I know my industry and am worth investing in”.

Once you have a sense of your ideal decision maker (aka the person who will be hiring you) and what their struggles and desires are –

You can start to create LinkedIn content for your business that will solve these problems and position yourself as the solution to their problems.

“Value” posts are simply short form pieces of content where you’re either teaching, sharing a framework, revealing an insider tip, or explaining a concept that can be applied right away to improve their lives.

Some examples of “value” content are:

  • How to de-stress when you can’t book an expensive vacation 
  • How to conduct an actually effective performance review
  • How to audit your current SEO strategy

When someone is considering investing in you I promise they’re scrolling through your recent posts to make sure you know your stuff. 

LinkedIn content is the new “blog” section on your website.

  1. Personal Content 1x a week

Value content is important but all facts all the time will bore your audience.

Let your audience develop a human connection with you by sharing your story.

Personal content does best when you pick an event or experience and turn it into a micro-story that shows your character.

A time when you got laid off and went out on your own.

Perhaps you moved cross country for an opportunity.

Or you made it through a really hard time because of this habit and have come to the other side.

Leadership you experienced in corporate that shaped how you run your business now.

Personal content paired with a professional photo does wonders for allowing your audience to get a sense of who you are and trust you on a deeper level.

Chances are it will actually outperform your value content (users are very curious and interested in the behind the scenes of you and your business) but make sure you’re creating both types.

3. Client results / transformation after someone hires you, 1x a week

You need social proof to back up your knowledge and personality. 

How is someone’s life going to change after they invest in you? Think about how can you communicate that through your content.

What is the burning problem you’re going to solve for them? 

Examples of “client results content” are: 

Before/after story post, what someone’s life looked like when they hired you vs. after. 

How a client beat the odds (with your help). 

A unique strategy you implemented for them and the results that followed. 

An unexpected extra ROI you helped someone to get and how your unique knowledge solved their specific problem. 

Screen shots are great for these (emails or DM’s you get when a client is celebrating a win they just had).

The more numbers and data the better. 

Do this consistently along with value and personal content and you’ll become an obvious choice.


Now, if you want to grow your audience faster, increase your posting to 5x a week and add in:

  • An extra value post
  • Additional personal post or an
  • Audience growth ‘wide net’ piece of content to expand my reach further

Hopefully, I haven’t lost you. 

Work on implementing this for 30 days.

Use month 1’s data to inform month 2’s posts and create more of what worked.

By month 3 you can start making direct sales and running promotions to your audience in your posts.

When you are just starting to create LinkedIn content for your business, it can feel like an overwhelming place.

So don’t overcomplicate it unnecessarily.

Focus on 3 pieces of content each week:

  1. Value
  2. Personal
  3. Client Results 

Keep at it, add new connections each week, and watch your audience (and sales pipeline!) steadily grow.

About the Author:

Author of the post, Molly Godfrey

Molly Godfrey is a big supporter of the SelfStartHER community and the co-founder of Build Impact Convert, a boutique LinkedIn Growth Agency helping female consultants, coaches, and agency owners build more trust with their audience and attract right-fit clients fast and with ease.

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